Our COACHING solutions address these problems:

Michael McClelland
Michael McClelland

#1 – How to achieve greater “Congruency” between WHO you are and WHAT you do

Do you have a growing level of dissatisfaction in your job or career? Are you unsure how you will meet the demands of your business? Is your life really about success as you define it? Are you chasing a measure of success based on what your company or position requires (their definition) at the expense of what is important to you (your definition)?

If there is a gap…let us help you leverage the best of who you are to reach your goals and dreams!

#2 – Discover God’s plan and purpose for your life

As a Shepherd / Pastor who has coached, mentored and encouraged hundreds of people over 2 decades in business as well as in personal ministry, it is my greatest privilege to help you tap into your God given purpose for life, and live from that place of identity. We know that Coaching alone is often a 2D solution to a 3D issue, because most coaching processes solely focus on the external aspects of your life (i.e. – identify, refine and execute a set of competencies to achieve a desired result). Our process is unique in that we place an equal focus on your success both personally and professionally. To succeed publicly while failing privately is to fail completely.

Let us help you discover true and lasting success – success that won’t leave you disappointed in the end!

#3 – Record “Burnout” among most team members

According to two related surveys by Monster.com and Joblist.com, 95% of most jobseekers cited “burnout” as the number one reason they were looking for a new job, and 73% of all job seekers were open to leaving their current positions even without identifying their next move.  A growing trend across nearly all big name companies also shows these same job seekers are not looking to change to a nearby big name.

We can help you create a culture that your team will respect and support!

#4 – Manager / Leader Capacity for personalized team member development is rapidly decreasing

While many companies cite team member development as a key focus to increase customer engagement and increase profitability, most managers and leaders are too busy with their increasing workloads, saddled with time-intensive mandates like recruiting, ongoing training requirements and extensive compliance, legal and HR tasks.  Today’s Leader is typically too overwhelmed with responsibility to be a true LEADER.  As a result, most team members are experiencing an ever widening gap in the demands of their position compared with what they are willing and able to do.

We can help you identify and resolve when and where this happens!

#5 – Rapid company growth halted by an inability to scale based on an unprepared or undertrained work force

Too many fast growing companies are wanting to expand their revenue and customer acquisition efforts mainly through leadership growth, but the results to the bottom line remain unchanged. When this happens there are often a number of factors that need to be addressed across an organization that new talent alone can’t resolve.

Let us help you identify and source the right talent for the right roles + create a blueprint for success to achieve the positive results you need!

Coaching is about Real & Measurable Results:

Study after study shows that professional coaching increases individual and team performance, productivity and profitability, among other desired results.

We take our approach a step further by investing in you both personally and professionally.









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