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Michael McClelland

Michael McClelland

Business Freedom for Financial Services Professionals

The trend for Financial Services professionals to move toward independence is growing at an alarming rate.  
Sadly, most Financial Services professionals long for freedom but don’t have a plan or a trusted partner to get there…in fact, within most major wire houses and banks, the percentage of internal team members that long to escape the corporate W2 prison and gain their business independence can be as high as 90%, yet only 10% of these same professionals will actually make the move…
We get it…it’s not an easy thing to move your practice on your own, and the ever widening efforts by firms to “recruit” has you wondering how you would ever pull this off without getting pressured into something with the allure of big upfront deals and promises of “support” and “resources”.  

If we could offer one piece of advice, DON’T play the recruiting game!  Make a move on your terms!

We can help you create your new company, get it running, and manage all your operations and “business of the business” for the first 12 months!

Check out our FREE “Roadmap to Freedom” guide in our RESOURCES section for an overview of our process…

If you are ready to achieve a new level of FREEDOM in your business, click the link below!  

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