False . Evidence . Appearing . Real

F . E . A . R

It’s one of those aspects of life that always…

– TAKES more than it gives – in fact you really don’t want what it gives.

– Leaves you with LESS than before.

– STEALS, KILLS & DESTROYS anything it touches.

–  Without regard to race, color, age or gender – is unbiased in it’s focus.

– CONSUMES the best parts of you – your energy, health & relationships


Left unchecked it is a cancer that will eat you from the inside out.

Like a gas gauge disconnected from the tank – it’s a blind indicator if you simply deal with the raw emotion.


But if you MASTER YOUR RESPONSE to fear…


You will find:

+ You are likely on the right track – remember, headwinds and turbulence indicate you are in motion.

+ Freedom, success and true biblical prosperity are all by-products of choosing to leave our comfort zone behind.

+ Your courage will instill the same in others.


Lean into your fear…embrace the challenge, especially for all that lies before you on the other side.

Choose the future you want now.


Don’t, and the world will always give you a cheap “one-size-fits-all” alternative.


“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.”

~Mark Twain


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~Helping you achieve true and lasting success~