The Golf Ball

I need to carry WHAT in my pocket?

“Yes”…”Friends knock and strangers ring door bells”, was the reply.


It was an odd bit of sales training, but I nodded in agreement and slipped the shiny golf ball in my pocket as I stared out the window, took a deep breath and gripped the steering wheel tightly.

“OK.  Let’s do this!”

The Texas summer was a beating, as I made my way across a huge neighborhood, door knocking for my first job as a Financial Advisor.

I actually burned through a pair of dress shoes that year!

Apparently, after 30 or 40 doors, your knuckles start to hurt, hence the golf ball in your pocket.

You could easily slip it out, rap on a door and gently slip it back in your pocket.

Amazingly, it worked!

(This funny story came up today as I was visiting with a friend.)

“Hey, Michael, do you still have your golf ball”?

“Yes I do!  And…it’s still on my desk!”

Two things came to mind as we laughed about this story:

>>> Sometimes, we need the innovations and creative ideas of others to navigate our way, especially in our career.

Every successful person out there gets stuck from time to time.

It’s not weakness to recognize it.

In fact, the “secret sauce” for most professionals is that they INVITE the strengths of others in the areas of their weakness.

>>> It’s important to remember those things that framed the way for our future.

For that reason, my golf ball stayed on my desk for years.

It served as a reminder that the actions I took in my past directly contributed to where I am today.  

It kept me going on the bad days.

Maybe you have a “Golf Ball” marker in your past?

Give yourself permission to pull it out of the file cabinet in your mind.

Take another look at it.

What do you see now that you are older – wiser – more mature?

Amazing how those difficult points in our past create:




Your marker can be a source of strength…

It’s not a mindset of fluffy clouds and cotton candy…

Taking ownership of your future is serious business…

There is a way to live with your sails full of TODAY + inspired by your YESTERDAY + hopeful about your TOMORROW.

If you recognize there might be a disconnect between where you are and where you want to be – personally or professionally, let’s connect!

It is my privilege to “help you create true and lasting success!”

A big “Thanks!” to my friend, @KeithaGoodwin for the fun “golf ball” conversation today!